Clare Campion -Smith

Bristol North West

Clare was born and bred in Liverpool but left the city to go to university, where she studied Mathematics and History & Philosophy of Science.  She became a secondary school teacher where she found out that one of the greatest pleasures in life is seeing a young person totally absorbed by a problem and very excited when they solve it for themselves (possibly with a little judicious help!)  Clare moved around the country before finally settling in Bristol in 1983.  She married into a Liberal family and her husband’s grandfather was a Liberal alderman on Southport Council.  The Liberal tradition with its emphasis on personal freedom linked with social responsibility fits very comfortably within her Methodist background and with her teaching career of developing young people. As a result, she firmly believes that young people should be encouraged to make their own decisions and supported if the consequences are not as they expected.

She remains  committed to offering children and young people the best possible education.  She is on the executive committee of the Liberal Democrat Education Association, which helps to shape policy.  Clare is proud of the Party’s record on championing early years’ education, on protecting the funding for education and focusing extra resources on disadvangtaged children.  Several years ago, as the lead member for Children’s Services on Bristol City Council, she worked with Stephen Williams MP and other MPs to gain the funding for extra  primary places that were so urgently needed.

Her vision for Bristol North West is to make sure that opportunity is there for all and that the community can offer individuals the skills, support and sense of purpose to drive their ambitions.  Sensitive economic development of the area is key and ensuring that no community feels cut off from work, education or the cultural offer of the city is very important.  She is excited about the work that Liberal Democrats under Norman Lamb have done for mental health

Clare is married and has two children and two grandchildren. In her private life, Clare enjoys walking and cycling (anything to be out in the countryside) and she is a regular concert goer.

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