Britain urgently needs drugs regulations reform

Britain's failing drugs regulation hurts our youngest.

No family in Britain today should have to experience this story of devastating pain.

It is time we stopped pretending everything is OK and started acting.

We want to legalise and regulate:

  1. The sale of cannabis to over 18s in plain packaging.
  2. Specialist retailers to sell cannabis direct.
  3. Home-cultivation for personal use and small scale licensed cannabis social clubs.
  4. New taxes which could raise up to £1 billion.

You can read the full report here.

Do you agree?

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Read What Its Supporters Say:

"Prohibition of cannabis has failed. We need a new, smarter approach and I welcome this report"

- Tim Farron MP, Party Leader

"We have to be ambitious. It is not good enough to continue pretending that everything is ok, or that the current system is working."

- Norman Lamb MP

"Regulation means safer products, restrictions on sales to minors, and an end to the pointless criminalisation of millions of otherwise law-abiding people."

- Nick Clegg MP

"Legal regulation is now working well, despite the fearmongering, in Colorado and Washington and will roll out across the US over the coming years."

- Steve Rolles, Panel Chairperson