We want to build an economy which allows people and business to thrive.

Liberal Democrats are a pro free-trade, pro-business party.  We know that if we want to support the most vulnerable, give people the opportunity to succeed and deliver strong schools, hospitals and other public services we need a growing, stable economy.  That means building a sustainable economy, fit for the future, alongside a thriving business community. We want an economy built on ensuring regional growth, embracing new technology and being an outward looking, internationally-minded country.

Yet the Conservative Government is letting everyone down when it comes to our economic security. Despite claiming to be the party of business, they have now turned their back on the needs of business by threatening to leave the Single Market, devastating business and our economy, and pursuing spending plans based on the short term interest of the Conservative Party, not the long term health of our economy.

Meanwhile, Labour are shying away from the huge challenges facing our economy. Instead of working to ensure globalisation, and huge leaps in technology work for all of us, they are seeking to stop them in their tracks. They cannot deliver a prosperous economy, or provide an economically credible opposition to the Conservative Party.

Liberal Democrats want to work to build an economy which allows people and business to thrive. That means ensuring that we do, as a country, live within our means, and so we will continue to fight for sensible deficit reduction rather than returning to a time of runaway spending. However, we also want to see productive investment in infrastructure, skills and training to ensure that today's need to balance our economy does not come at the expense of future prosperity and growth.

We want to help encourage and support all types of business to thrive. That means creating a fairer corporate tax code, where giant multinationals pay their fair share, helping entrepreneurs with new ideas get access to the finance and technical support to make their plans a success, supporting small businesses struggling to recruit the talent they need, and supporting new types of business model such as mutual and community interest companies to flourish as much as our major corporate entities.

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