An excellent education

An excellent education for all young people

In a highly competitive global economy, the best education is the key to freedom and opportunity.The Liberal Democrats will fight to make sure everyone who studies hard in school gets the support they need, from a properly funded education system, regardless of how much money their parents make.We will stop the Tories pulling money out of EducationWe'll guarantee all students get sport, arts, music, financial skills and practical pastoral subjects in a balanced curriculum.We'll protect teachers from being overworked and undervalued

A Better Future in work

Our economy is changing rapidly. With a government unprepared to invest in infrastructure and long-term planning, we risk leaving jobs and businesses behind.

We believe in Britain as a world class leader in new technology and emerging industries, supported by modern, competitive infrastructure spending.

Our Economy of the Future Bill would deliver high speed broadband across Britain, new housing and rail infrastructure. We would deliver a long-term plan for British industry, and support investment in new technology opportunities including 3D printing.

Together we will create a better future for British businesses to stay at the forefront of our changing global economy.

A Better Future for the NHS

The people at the heart of our NHS are amazing. Fighting against a government that doesn't care and doesn't act. Liberal Democrats will always fight to provide our NHS the best support to deliver the highest quality physical and mental health care for everyone.

No one should have to wait for essential care. That's why we are straight talking about the funding and capacity challenges our NHS faces and the steps needed for positive change.

We would introduce a Future of Healthcare Bill to find solutions to these challenges, independent of interference from political parties, so that the NHS can continue to deliver health and care for future generations.

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A Better Future for humanity

In a constantly changing world, we believe Britain's responsibilities don't just end at our borders.

Britain has always led the world fighting for civil rights, justice and equality for everyone under international law, regardless of race, gender, background or beliefs and it is vital that we continue to fight for what we believe in.

We must also practice what we preach, including by tackling head on the international arms trade and ensuring UK-made materials don't end up in the hands of hostile or brutal regimes.

Our Global Responsibilities Billwill strengthen Britain's commitment to interrnational humanitarian law with tougher UK arms market regulation and commitments to global non-proliferation.

A Zero Carbon Future for Britain

Climate change is happening. The threat to our communities and natural environment around the world is real and profound.

We must act now together to guarantee our children and future generations enjoyment of wildlife, and a better, greener, more positive way of life.

We would introduce a Zero Carbon Britain Bill to make Britain carbon-neutral by 2050, leading the Paris Agreement's action on climate change.

We believe in investing to make Britain a world leader in green energy and low carbon industry jobs, putting renewables at the heart of powering Britain's growing economy.

A Better Future for our politics

Our society is changing, and we must lead the change we want to see in Britain's politics, too.

Our Modern Politics Bill would see the Liberal Democrats continue to lead the call for a more democratic and representative Parliament.

We would also require all new laws are assessed for interventional fairness, ensuring we don’t put one generation before another.

A Better Future for Everyone

Britain is great because of our diversity, our tolerance and our liberal values.

Our way of life, from our relationships, to how we define ourselves, is more liberal and tolerant than even a decade ago.

Liberal Democrats believe that we must continue to fight hard for greater tolerance and tackle the remnants of discrimination.

Our Social Justice and Equalities Bill would introduce 'X' passports, give equal rights to cohabiting couples and allow civil partnerships for everyone. We would make it law for companies to publish pay gaps for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups to ensure equal opportunity for everyone.

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Our Queen's Speech for a Better Future also includes

A Digital Bill of Rights to protect your rights online.
An Equality for Mental Health Bill to deliver parity of estimate between mental and physical health.
A Decent & Affordable Housing Bill to improve the quality and availability of housing.
A Skills for the Future Bill to support lifelong learning.
A Cannabis Legalisation Bill to moves drugs out of criminalisation and into a regulated market.
A Travel Freedom Bill to guarantee discounted travel for young people and commit Britain's next generation of trains and busses to include better disabled access.
A Creative Industries Bill to protect the BBC and C4 from privatisation and to promote investment in Britain's creative industries.