Get the Facts: Social Care

What are you doing to help people with the high costs of care?
We have given people certainty about their care costs. We are introducing a £72,000 cap on care costs and giving financial support to people with less than £118,000 assets. Nobody will have to sell their home to pay for care during their lifetime thanks to our plans.

What is the problem with the current system?
Under the existing system, there is no limit to care costs and people only get free care if they have less than £23,250 worth of assets, meaning up to 40,000 people a year have to sell their home to pay for care.


How will the new system work?
First, you will go to your council to discuss your care needs. They will help you identify the right care for you and provide information and advice on different services that are available locally.  

They will also help work out how much your care will cost. If you have assets worth less than £118,000, you will get financial support for some or all of your care up to £72,000. Beyond that, all your care will be free.

What else are you doing to make sure people get better care?
We are giving people more freedom to decide how their money for care is spent and making 3 million older people more independent in their own home by rolling out telehealth and telecare technology. We are also giving breaks to thousands of carers who look after friends and family.

Where do Labour stand?
Labour had 13 years to sort out funding for long term care. They didn’t do a thing about it, despite it being one of the first reforms they set to work on in 1997.

Where do the Conservatives stand?
Before the last election, the Conservatives were not committed to reforming social care. They broke an agreement between all the parties not to score political points on this issue. It is only because the Liberal Democrats are in Government that we are delivering a cap on the costs of care for all.

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