Irfan Ahmed



Irfan Ahmed was born in Nelson, Lancashire and went to University in Manchester. Since graduating in 2013 he has worked in IT as a consultant. Alongside his professional work, Irfan is a long standing campaigner.

In 2010 he worked with the Liberal Democrats in East Lancashire to campaign against the closure of the A&E Department in Blackburn.

In 2011 he campaigned for a new Primary School to be built in one of Nelson’s most deprived areas and was successful in getting the planning permission for the school despite opposition.

Irfan says: “campaigning is in my blood, I have been doing it for as long as I can remember and if elected to Parliament will continue to campaign for the people who elect me”.

During the EU referendum Irfan worked alongside Chris Davies (former MEP for the North West of England) to campaign for a Remain vote within the Muslim community across the UK.

Irfan currently lives in Lancashire and travels for work as an IT consultant.





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