Building a Stronger Economy

Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy. We have taken the tough decisions to clean up Labour's mess, and thanks to these choices, we are now beginning to see the economy recover and growing confidence. 

But we are making sure the recovery is fair too. That's why we have prioritised creating jobs and apprenticeships. We have:

  • Helped businesses create over 1 million new jobs and are working to create a million more.
  • Invested in key sectors, like manufacturing, so we can build a new hi-tech economy.

The Labour party can't be trusted on the economy. They borrowed and borrowed and nearly bankrupted Britain. Now they have no answers on how to fix the mess they created.

Don't risk the Recovery

Why Labour and Tories can't deliver

Get the Facts: The Deficit

We have cut the deficit by a third and will have halved it by the end of 2014.