Making migration work for Britain – Sir Andrew Stunell

Liberal Democrats today endorsed the policy paper, Making Migration Work for Britain.

This motion replaces previous policy on migration and is based on the following key principles:

  • Security and firm control – To take back control of Britain’s borders, Liberal Democrats would as an urgent priority, ensure entry and exit checks are fully implemented.
  • Growth and prosperity – Ensure a strong economy by encouraging students, business visitors and tourists who help growth, to come to the UK.
  • Compassion and fairness – Ensure a fairer, more united Britain by improving migrants’ language skills, easing pressures on public services due to migration, and ensuring asylum seekers and the families of migrants are treated with compassion.

This new policy is structured on these principles, so that future migration works for Britain and helps deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society.

Commenting, Sir Andrew Stunell MP said:

“I am delighted that conference has endorsed the right immigration policies for Britain: they will give us security and firm control of our borders, make sure that migration brings growth and prosperity for our country, and treat everyone, both migrants and host communities, with fairness and compassion.

“The Liberal Democrats plan to put Parliament in charge, with an annual vote of all MPs on all the key migration questions.  We want to welcome to Britain all those who will help us prosper, and focus on weeding out the crooks and traffickers who harm Britain. 

“And we plan to make sure every long-term migrant learns English, and that the local pressures on schools and housing are eased for everyone by using European money to deliver for communities facing rapid change.”


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