Nick Harvey

North Devon

Sir Nick Harvey was MP for North Devon from 1992 until 2015 and will stand again for the Liberal Democrats in this constituency.

He is keen to protect the area from the cuts to services introduced by the Conservatives in government. In a recent letter to constituents, he writes that the area needs a “strong, independently-minded fighter” who will battle against reductions to vital services at North Devon hospital, turmoil in local school budgets, and the closing of the Royal Marines military base at Chivenor which will have a significant negative impact on North Devon’s economy.

He will challenge the Conservatives on the terms of the Brexit agreement.  He states that “My priority is to ensure that North Devon manufacturers have the maximum opportunity to export to Europe, that our farmers don’t lose out … that our hospital and care homes can still get access to European workers – without which they can’t function, and that our youngsters can still work and study in Europe.”




Twitter: @nickharveynd

01271 375 317


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