Rebecca Taylor

MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber

Rebecca Taylor has been the MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since March 2012.
She was born in Todmorden in West Yorkshire and studied in Leeds, Japan, Brussels and London. Before being elected to the European Parliament, Rebecca worked in the health sector on behalf of professional bodies, NGOs, Patients Groups in the NHS, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Rebecca is a third generation Liberal Democrat activist from a proud family of Liberal Democrats, and has been actively engaged with the Party for almost 20 years. She is a Liberal Democrat because they are the party that will ensure fairness whilst strengthening the UK economy.

Record Of Delivery

Rebecca has spent the past two years making sure the EU works for people in the Yorkshire and Humber Region:

  • Speaking regularly at schools and universities to inform local young people about the employment and training opportunities available to them through EU schemes such Erasmus, and their right to work in other EU countries
  • Supporting environmental campaigners in the Calder Valley who have brought a complaint to the European Commission in Brussels concerning breaches of environmental law protecting plant and bird species on Walshaw Moor, above Hebden Bridge
  • Supported a rebalanced EU budget which devotes more funding to research and innovation through the Horizon 2020 programme, which universities and businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber can benefit from greatly

Rebecca's interests include cycling, running, cooking and cinema. She also enjoys working with youth organisations across the region.

Parliamentary Experience

Rebecca is a member of the Committee on Legal Affairs and a substitute member on the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. As part of her Legal committee work, Rebecca Taylor has pushed for greater transparency and accountability for large companies in both their tax arrangements and information, and has also been engaged in ensuring strong EU rules for consumers to claim for damages in competition cases. Rebecca Taylor is interested in a number of different policy areas but in particular health policy, having had 10 years' experience in the health sector, with interests including malnutrition, childhood obesity, healthy ageing, vaccination and health inequalities. Recently, Rebecca has worked on new legislation concerning medical devices, clinical trials, and tobacco control. In particular, Rebecca has been fighting to ensure that new tobacco legislation regulates electronic cigarettes in a sensible way that does not restrict their availability as a harm reduction tool for smokers.






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