Russ Timpson

South Thanet

Russ Timpson is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of South Thanet in Kent.

As someone who grew up locally, he has a deep commitment to the area and a real understanding of the challenges it faces.

Russ aims to: 

  • Support the responsible development of the Discovery Park site in Sandwich to create jobs – especially for local young people
  • Promote sustainable growth at Manston Airport, incorporating the latest efficient aircraft and wider aviation industries such as aircraft maintenance
  • Challenge the deployment of fracking, unless high levels of safety and environmental safeguards can be assured, while recognizing the need for energy supply security
  • Oppose policies of blame, but improve the management of migration and promote the positive business benefits of the European market and community
  • Focus on job opportunities for young people in the Thanet South area by adopting and promoting a constituency plan for business and jobs in consultation with local people and business
  • Ensure that key public services in the area, including hospitals and other NHS services, care for the elderly and libraries are fit for purpose and reflect the needs of the community

Russ' professional life has given him first hand experience of the key issues in both the public and private sectors. He has worked in the military, public sector and in senior roles in the private sector. More recently, Russ started, grew and sold a company which employed 20 people across the UK. 

Russ currently lives with wife Ursula in Ash, where they have brought up three children, who were all educated locally. 



Twitter: @RussT2015Thanet



 07909 174605






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