Simon Hughes

Bermondsey & Old Southwark

Simon Hughes was MP from 1983 until 2015, and will be standing again as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

Simon joined the Liberal Party as a student and has been a lifelong advocate of Liberal values. He is committed to reducing the gap between those with the highest and lowest incomes through a fairer tax system where those with the most contribute more, investing in good quality council and social housing, and investing in the National Health Service with parity of treatment between those with mental and physical illness.

He also supports several local campaigns to improve the quality of life of constituents.  These campaigns include campaigning for the extension of the Bakerloo line to better connect Southwark to the rest of the tube network, a new cycling and pedestrian bridge from SE16 to Canary Wharf, and improving broadband speed to encourage local businesses.

Simon is keen to fight the Conservatives on their version of Brexit.  He is passionate about defending the rights of British citizens to take their cases to the European Court of Human Rights. He says, ‘The battle to protect for all every single right enshrined in the European Convention [on Human Rights] is a battle we must win.’









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