Vince Cable

Shadow Chancellor, candidate for Twickenham

Vince Cable was the MP for Twickenham from 1997 until 2015 and will stand again for the Liberal Democrats in this constituency.

He says ‘I have decided … to fight to recapture my former Twickenham seat because I believe this could be a defining election in which my party … plays  a crucial role.’ He argues that ‘Britain is in danger of becoming a de facto one-party state’ and is determined to fight the ‘extreme version of Brexit’ chosen by the Conservatives.

The former Business Secretary is particularly concerned about the consequences of a hard Brexit on manufacturing industries and services exporters if the UK leaves the Single Market, as well as the impact on supply chain industries such as cars and aerospace whose presence in the UK depends on tariff-free and inspection-free access to the EU through the customs union.

Vince says that there was strong local opposition to a hard Brexit in his local constituency and that Brexit was a big issue for people in this area. He is also campaigning on topics like Heathrow expansion, social care and cuts to local schools.

Vince is currently a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and a patron of several charities including Shooting Star Chase – a children’s hospice, the Mulberry Centre – offering support to cancer patients, and Homelink – a day respite care centre.



Twitter: @VinceCable




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