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Johnson has waited till the eleventh hour to act

Read Ed Davey's full response to Boris Johnson's announcement of a new lockdown in England

By Ed Davey - Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jan 04, 2021 8:01

Ed Davey outside Kingston Police Station.

This is the public health policy the Prime Minister should have announced before Christmas.

But yet again, Boris Johnson ducked the difficult decisions, failed to listen to experts and acted too late.

Just yesterday morning Johnson was telling parents that schools were safe and children should definitely go. Today he is telling us that they must all move to remote learning but without any proper future plan.

The Prime Minister’s failure to act earlier means we are seeing record numbers of new infections, a rising death rate, hospitals overwhelmed and NHS and care staff exhausted.

With this new lockdown, Liberal Democrats believe it’s urgent that the Government:

  • announce a new comprehensive economic plan for businesses and the self-employed
  • introduce a plan to increase Carer’s allowance in line with the increases in Universal Credit
  • and fully take account of the impact of these developments on the mental health of young people and vulnerable individuals who are going through an incredibly difficult time

All around the world, the evidence is that acting early is critical to minimising damage to the economy and protecting public health.

We need a Prime Minister who can act in time, not one who acts when it is too late.

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