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Elect a local champion on the 3rd May

Elections on the 3rd May are your chance to make sure you elect Liberal Democrats who'll make a real difference in your community. Find out how you can help us do that here:

By , Apr 05, 2018 2:04

There is a secret phenomenon in British politics.
It is occurring in by-elections all over the country, week in, week out, to local authorities from Sunderland to Somerset.
Against the Tories. Against Labour. In Leave areas. In Remain areas.

Since the general election in 2017, the Liberal Democrats are up 15 seats, double Labour’s increase of 7, while the Conservatives are tanking – they have lost 18 seats.  
These real votes in real ballot boxes show Liberal Democrat support at double our national opinion poll rating.

What we’re showing is that where Liberal Democrats come out fighting, Liberal Democrats can win.
Because local residents trust Liberal Democrats to listen, work hard and get things done on their behalf.
And in our areas of particular strength, where we control Councils and win mayoralties, we run reliable, responsive local services and deliver value for people’s Council Tax.

May's elections are a chance for people to elect local, Liberal Democrat Champions - and here's how you can help us do that:

1. Sign up to volunteer

It's really quick and easy to sign up to volunteer - and even if you're somewhere without local elections, we'll do our best to put you in touch with someone you can help. Sign up here:

Sign up to volunteer

2. Tell your friends you're voting Lib Dem

RSVP for this event on Facebook - it only takes a few seconds:

3. Add this frame to your Facebook profile

Adding a frame to your Facebook profile is temporary - and it only takes a few seconds. It's the digital equivalent of putting up a poster! You can do that here:

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