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We’ve still got 365 more days to stop Brexit.

You've got the email, you've heard our brilliant Deputy Leader, Jo Swinson, on the Today Programme, and now you're reading it here:

By Rhiannon Leaman, Mar 29, 2018 1:03

Diamond posters with text 'Liberal Democrats: Open, Tolerant and United

We're launching the BIGGEST most AMBITIOUS campaign the Liberal Democrats have ever run outside a General election.


Quite simply, we want to stop Brexit.

And why now?

Well, it's a year since Theresa May's calamitous government triggered 'Article 50', formally starting the process for the UK to leave the EU.

A UK torn apart from its closest friends and neighbours is not a future we want and not a future we are going to stand by and let happen.

We've still got time to Exit from Brexit and we're ramping up our campaign. Big time.

We've still got time to Exit from Brexit and that's why, with a year to go until we could crash out of Europe forever, we're ramping up our campaign. Big time.

What does the biggest campaign ever look like?

We’re going to reach 13 million people and recruit a ton of them as supporters of our movement to Exit from Brexit, and as Liberal Democrat voters.

We're going to be reaching out to more than 13 million people and recruiting them as supporters for our movement.

We’ve consulted with our friends from the Canadian Liberal Party and with En Marche and will be using the latest campaign techniques – both online and offline.

This will be on top of all the work you – our members and supporters – are delivering on the ground, across more than 400 campaign teams.

Our collective voice and action WILL force Theresa May to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal, including the option to remain in the European Union.

Some major party donors have already backed us – committing a massive £100,000. But we need £300,000 to deliver a campaign that will stop Brexit.

Support our movement for an Exit from Brexit TODAY - give £25, or whatever you can afford:

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