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5 ways to punish Putin

Vladimir Putin is a bully - and he's a bully who needs to be put back in his box. Here's five ways Britain could punish Putin for his murderous adventurism:

By , Mar 13, 2018 10:03

Putin is attempting to be the puppet master of the world, it is time we cut his strings.
The UK must build a coalition of the willing, able to put an end to Putin’s murderous adventurism, and show murder condoned or directed comes at a very heavy price.
Putin is a bully who will not be put back in his box by entreaties from the Leader of the Opposition to have a chinwag over beer and sandwiches.

The government must now send a strong message to the Kremlin by:

  1. Boycotting the World Cup in Russia and finding an alternative venue;
  2. Seizing the UK-based assets of those implicated in this attack, and previous attacks through the creation of a UK Magnitsky Act;
  3. Introducing travel bans for top Russian officials;
  4. Suspending arms sales to Russia;
  5. Ensuring that the forthcoming register of beneficial ownership trusts is publicly accessible.

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