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Liberal Democrats
May 7th 2015

The Liberal Democrats have

45,555 members

May 8th 2015

Nick Clegg resigns as Liberal Democrat leader

Thousands of people join - kicking off the #LibDemFightback

Summer & Autumn 2015

#LibDemFightback continues 20,965 people join.

16 July 2015

Tim Farron Elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats

December 31st 2015

Liberal Democrat membership stands at 61,598

June 23rd 2016

Liberal Democrats at the heart of the Remain campaign, fighting alongside thousands of other pro-European campaigners.

Membership stands at 62,500.
June 24th 2016

Tim Farron's speech the day after the referendum pledging to keep on making the case that Britain is stronger in Europe spurs thousands to join the party

Summer 2016


People join us to fight for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

20th October 2016

Liberal Democrats go from 4th to 2nd in the Witney by-election, spurred on by thousands of new members

8th November 2016

Donald Trump elected US President, thousands join us to fight the politics of hate, fear and division he represents.

2nd December 2016

Sarah Olney wins Richmond Park by-election

1st January 2017

Party membership stands at


January 2017

Theresa May announces she's pushing for a Hard Brexit - Lib Dems lead opposition to her plans

More than 4,000 new members join our party in January.
Jan 18th

Party membership reaches 82,000

That's the highest our membership has been in over two decades.


We have over

85,094 members

Together, we're the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government.

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