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We've come a long way - but our abortion laws haven't

We've just passed a new motion, to make our abortion laws more humane.

By Katy Gordon, Sep 15, 2018 12:09

In 1967, Liberals, led by David Steel helped pass the first abortion act.

This groundbreaking and brave piece of legislation enabled women to access safe, free abortions through the NHS.

We’ve come a long way since then – but our abortion laws haven’t.

It’s time for reform – that’s why, at our Autumn Conference today, we’ve voted for a set of plans to kick this off.

Members have decided that the Liberal Democrats will decriminalise abortion - and agreed to treat it as a regulated healthcare issue like any other. 

The motion also calls for greater investment in reproductive health services and establishing safe zones around abortion clinics – and gives access to abortion facilities to women in Northern Ireland.

It’s a practical set of reforms – and if you support them, we need your help to make them law.

Will you help us do that? Add your name now and say you’re in:

It's time to reform Britain's abortion laws. Agree? Add your name now:

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