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F22 What Liberal Democrats Believe

The conference is a great time to remind ourselves what we stand for as Liberal Democrats

By Liberal Democrats, Sep 19, 2021 11:09

As Liberal Democrats, we believe in an equal, open, green society in which everybody has the chance to succeed. Whether giving power to local governments to lead the communities that they know best or fighting for a Britain that steps up to its international obligations, we want the UK to represent the people who live here - not just a small group of Westminster politicians and elites.

I’m proud that we affirmed these beliefs at conference today. As Liberal Democrats we are committed to:

  • Liberty. Individuals have the right to make their own decisions as long as it causes no harm to others
  • Equality. We cannot have true liberty without equality. This includes equality in education and access to public services, a welfare state safety net, equality before the law and opposition to all forms of discrimination
  • Democracy. Citizens are empowered to make their voices heard and checks and balances exist for those in power.
  • Community. We support a diverse range of organisations which encourage individuals to come together in pursuit of common goals and ideas.
  • Internationalism. We want to promote a fairer, more tolerant and connected world through collaboration with other nations- including, ultimately in rejoining the EU- to guarantee peace and security. We believe this approach is the best way to tackle the climate change emergency, stand up to powerful multinational corporations and promote international prosperity.
  • Environmentalism: Promoting a sustainable way of producing and consuming in society in harmony with nature.

These above principles are the fundamental beliefs for us as Liberal Democrats. You can read more at the link below:

Explore our values

These principles will create a fairer society and system of government which benefits every individual within it.

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