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Creating a Fairer, Greener, More Caring Society

Britain is renowned for its democratic institutions, respect for the rule of law, fantastic education, invocation and creativity. We want to do more of this, not tear it down.

By Liberal Democrats, Sep 19, 2021 5:09

Our society is a brilliant one. Our democratic system goes back hundreds of years and we are committed to the fair rule of law. We have a fantastic tradition of education, creativity and innovation. 

We have incredibly strong institutions. This is clear in the fact our National Health Service has bent over backwards to support us through this pandemic. As much as possible we contribute to key international organisations to support a cooperative global system. 

Unfortunately, these ideals are constantly undermined by an incompetent Government. The Conservatives have betrayed the British people time and time again. 

They have shown no inclination to tackle the climate crisis. They have “rewarded” NHS staff after an impossibly hard year and a half with a meagre 3% pay rise. Quite frankly, this seems like a joke. 

The Conservatives have made clear that one set of rules apply to a wealthy and privileged few who have access to Westminster. The rest of us are expected to live differently. 

That’s why today we laid out our plans to create a Fairer, Greener, More Caring Society. 

You can read about it in more detail below:

Read the policy

As Liberal Democrats we can build on the principles which make UK society a great place to be. We will create a fair society where everyone contributes their fair share and can secure a decent income and home. 

We can lead the world in the fight against climate change and champion individual rights to liberty. We want people to have real control over decisions that affect them and to strengthen local government. We can make this country the best place in the world to start a business by fostering our technical and creative culture. 

We are so proud that our members have voted through these plans. We know that they will lead to the thriving and happy UK we all deserve.

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