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Let’s ban conversion therapy

Conversion therapy is incredibly harmful. It is essential we put a stop to this abhorrent practice.

By Gareth Lewis Shelton, Chair of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, Sep 17, 2021 3:09

A 2017 government survey found that almost 1 in 13 LGBT+ have been offered or had conversion therapy. This rises to 1 in 7 amongst transgender people. Over half of these conversion therapy practices are carried out by faith organisations.

As Liberal Democrats we champion the Individual right to privacy and autonomy. This must include the right to medical autonomy for adults.

Conversion therapy is incredibly harmful.

Conversion therapy is incredibly harmful"

It is a predatory practice which is able to take hold due to the ongoing social exclusion that the LGBT+ community faces every day. Conversion therapy aims to suppress a person’s gender identity or change their sexual orientation.

NHS England has stated that conversion therapy has “no medical or theraputic value”. It is essential we put a stop to this abhorrent practice.

It is essential we put a stop to this abhorrent practice"

Today at our conference, members called on the Government for:

  • A criminal ban on conversion therapy in all forms.
  • A criminal ban on referrals, transportations of minors overseas and any advertising for forms of conversion therapy.
  • A campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of conversion therapy among vulnerable people.

Read our new policy in full

Despite repeated promises, the Government has failed to put forward legislation which will end conversion therapy. We are calling on the Government to do more.

As liberals we must fight to build a free and fair society where everyone can be themselves.

That’s why we must end conversion therapy, once and for all.

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