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Solving the Supply Chain Crisis

It's time for Boris Johnson and co. to grow up and face the consequences of their actions.

By Sarah Olney, Sep 20, 2021 11:09

Boris Johnson's woeful government has done it again.

Their needless belligerence towards our neighbours has devastated the national supply chain. Shelves are bare and prices will rise.

By refusing to work with the European Union, importing and exporting goods has become much harder. The skilled worker visa system brings high costs, inflexibility and bureaucracy. It's too hard to hire from the EU, and many EU nationals have gone home. And that's all thanks to this divisive government.

These problems will hurt those worst off - right as Rishi Sunak takes £20 a week out of their Universal Credit.

It's not sustainable.

But today at conference, Liberal Democrats passed an emergency motion that reaffirmed our commitment to a better way:

  • Making the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift permanent
  • Fight for free movement of people between the UK and Europe A National Food strategy.
  • This would promote the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable and affordable food.

We also voted for several new measures, including:

  • Scrapping the arbitrary salary threshold for work visas, so British businesses can hire the staff they need
  • Engage with local authorities to minimise the impact on local services
  • Legally prevent future governments from ramming through trade deals. Parliamentary scrutiny and approval should be central to any future deal.

Read the full motion

This Government was repeatedly told the consequences of acting the way that it has. It's time for Boris Johnson and co. to grow up and face the consequences of their actions. They must ensure nobody suffers for their mistakes.

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