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A Framework for England in a Federal UK

Too many decisions are made in Westminster and Whitehall far away from the communities which they affect.

By Liberal Democrats, Sep 19, 2021 10:09

Our current constitution allows for too much of the power and decision making to take place in Westminster and Whitehall. This excludes entire regions of the UK especially in England from being able to make a contribution to decisions that affect them. 

Communities feel unable to control what happens in their local areas. This leads to a  dangerous feeling of powerlessness and alienation. 

The Conservative government talks of “levelling up” the UK yet consistently hordes all the power down in Westminster. It fails to disperse decision making throughout the country. 

As Liberal Democrats we believe that governance would be better delivered through a federal system in England. This means ending the London-centric approach. Instead, we are calling for more decisions to be made at the regional level. This will allow other regions of England to become empowered decision-makers in their own right 

Our members have voted for: 

    • A UK government that is responsible for issues concerning the entire UK e.g. International aid and monetary policy along with a tier of directly elected regional governments. These will be responsible for issues that vary national such as housing policy and social care services. 
    • The creation of a UK Constitutional Convention that will set out new powers of government for different each tier. These will be based on principles of liberal values, democratic engagement and respect for diverse identities. 
  • English Ministries will function separately from the United Kingdom Federal Government
  • A target of 50% of public spending is to be controlled by the state, local and regional governments. 

We must act now to end the power-grabbing goings-on in London. Let’s distribute decision making more fairly across the country. 

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