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Ending the Housing Crisis

We are living in a housing crisis. Excessively high rents have left millions unable to save for deposits. We desperately need a new approach to create affordable, good-quality homes.

By Liberal Democrats, Sep 18, 2021 9:09

Housing is the biggest living cost that most households face in the UK. Housing costs have become a financial nightmare for some families as they face an impossible conundrum between extortionately high rents or unaffordable housing deposits. 

It is shocking that the government has utterly failed to tackle the housing crisis. 

House prices have increased 13.2% this year to June 2021. Property is rapidly becoming something only the richest in society can afford. 

The gap between income growth and housing widens each year making it impossibly hard for first-time buyers to get into the property market. 

We have seen our government consistently fail to reach their own home-building targets. They have also abandoned the Green Homes Grant after only six months showing a complete disregard for our environment and the need for energy-efficient homes. 

If we are serious about environmental reform we need to act now so that the homes we build are fit for the future. 

The Conservatives proposed planning reforms are not the solution to our housing crisis. 

They hand over power to big developers and ignore the needs of local communities. This will not create the homes that the next generation needs. 

Everyone deserves the right to a secure and affordable home.

That’s why our members have called for these reforms: 

  • Put local authorities at the heart of new home building. This includes reforming the Land Compensation Act which would allow local authorities to buy “landbanked” land from big developers at its current value instead of its predicted future value. 
  • A national housebuilding target of 380,000 houses per year - with at least 150,000 suitable for social rent. 
  • Impose a whole life net-zero carbon condition to new developments.
  • Encourage new builds to include solar panels, electric vehicle charging points and be near green spaces.

Our members have voted through plans which make housing available and affordable to everyone, not just the wealthiest. 

Everyone deserves the right to a secure and affordable home. The solution is not in the hands of big developers who hold on to land rather than build the homes we need. 

That’s why our plans focus on building what communities want through their local authorities. 

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