Alexander Payton

North West Hampshire

Alex Payton is a barrister practising in disputes about contracts, situations where there has been a breach of duty of care, and housing and land. He has been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 2001 and has campaigned successfully on many issues, from fighting to retain local post offices, to ensuring the local NHS provides for palliative care. He has been a councillor, and stood for the Liberal Democrats in North West Hampshire in the 2015 General Election.

Many people in North West Hampshire voted to remain in the EU last June, and their voice needs to be heard. Of those who did not vote to remain, many nevertheless did not vote for the ‘hard’ Brexit that Theresa May thinks she is entitled to pursue above all other considerations. The deal must be the best that can be done for the country – and if that is a ‘soft’ Brexit then that is what the government should do.

Though it might sometimes seem like it, this election is not only about Brexit. Your MP's key role is to represent and support you and the other people of North West Hampshire. Alex has a record of acting and achieving for his community. Unlike the Conservative candidate Alex does not have company directorships taking up his time (still!). Alex will be a local MP for local people, improving transport links, putting pressure on the council over its housing, and ensuring you have an effective voice in parliament.

In his spare time Alex likes rowing and playing cricket. He also plays the piano and cello and is a member of the Lions Club.

Please vote for Alex and for the Liberal Democrats on 8th June.



Twitter: @ACPayton




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