Liberal Democrats

Ask MPs to back amendment 19a

Liberal Democrats have amended the EU Withdrawal Bill to ensure that the people, not politicians, get the final say on the deal and the opportunity to exit from Brexit.

But we'll only have a chance of passing it if it gets cross-party support. Can you contact your MP and ask them to add their names to the amendment? Find out how here:

Contact the key MPs

There's 6 MPs we need you to put pressure on and who can bring cross-party support to this amendment - please contact as many of them as you can:

Anna Soubry (Conservative), Broxtowe.
Tweet: @anna_soubry
Call: 020 7219 7211

Chuka Umunna (Labour), Streatham.
Tweet: @chukaumunna
Call: 020 7219 3000

Ben Lake (Plaid), Ceredigion.
Tweet: @benmlake
Call: 01570 940 333

Joanna Cherry (SNP), Edinburgh South West.
Tweet: @joannaccherry
Call: 020 7219 6646

Ian Blackford (SNP), Ross, Skye and Lochaber.
Tweet: @ianblackfordmp
Call: 0207 219 3494

Daniel Zeichner (Labour), Cambridge.
Tweet: @danielzeichner
Call: 020 7219 8462

We've provided a template email below, but MPs are far more likely to consider emails that are personalised.

Please take the key points from this template email and rewrite it so that it comes across as original and different.

Please also remember to send SEPARATE emails to each MP and not copy them all into on email. Thanks - and good luck!

Copy & paste this text into an email to the MPs

Dear [MP name],

Thank you. You have publicly backed giving the British people the final say on the referendum on the Brexit deal in the past.

Tom Brake has tabled an amendment - 19a - to the EU Withdrawal Bill that would guarantee that.

I'd really appreciate it if you could add your name in support of the amendment - and ask your party colleagues who share your views to do the same too.

I look forward to receiving confirmation that you have added your name.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Copy text

Here's who's added their names to the amendment so far:

✔ Tom Brake

✔ Sir Vince Cable

✔ Tim Farron

✔ Sir Edward Davey

✔ Wera Hobhouse

✔ Layla Moran

✔ Jamie Stone

✔ Caroline Lucas

✔ Jonathan Edwards

✔ Jo Swinson

✔ Mr Alastair Carmichael

✔ Christine Jardine

✔ Norman Lamb

✔ Owen Smith (all thanks to your hard work!)

✔ Geraint Davies

✔ Catherine West

✔ Neil Coyle

✔ Mike Gapes

✔ Roger Godisiff

✔ David Lammy

✔ Ben Bradshaw