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Hi there! I'm Andy Hagon and the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Hartlepool in the coming General Election.

I'm honoured to be standing in Hartlepool again. I'm married with two children, a Teacher and passionate about helping young people. I'm also a Hartlepool homeowner and Council Tax payer like you, and want the very best for our town.

I grew up on the Owton Manor estate, and even though times were often hard, I always felt positive about the future - I had a loving family and some great Teachers supporting me.

But when I talk to many young people today, & their parents, I don't hear the same optimism. One of the main reasons I joined the Lib Dems was because they genuinely care about social justice for all. So, help me, help you, & your family:

  • Andy is Hartlepool born and bred
  • He's a Hartlepool homeowner & Council Tax payer like you
  • Andy's worked and volunteered with young people across Hartlepool
  • He fought in Hartlepool in the 2017 General Election & 2019 local elections
  • Andy's not a career politician (you don't join the Lib Dems if you want to be!)

Now let me be honest with you - Hartlepool needs to be a marginal constituency inorder to get all the political parties interested in our great town. Currently, Labour take the town for granted and so there's no pressure to do anything (and they don't, unless you count savaging our local health sevices). The Conservatives know this is a safe Labour seat and so won't spend much time worrying about Hartlepool until it's General Election time when someone will be wheeled out to fight the seat. The only way Hartlepool will prosper is if all the parties are fighting over it, or, you vote for someone who will actually be effective, and deliver on the promises they make during an election.

I am passionate about bringing quality jobs to the town. We have one of the worst unemployment rates in the country and I see very little evidence that our curent MP is doing anything to rectify that. I'm passionate about improving the quality of education for our young people. Our local schools need investment so that we give our children the best possible start in life, especially if their employment opportunities are so poor.

And we need to be sure that when there's an emergency or a medical need, the medical services are there on hand, for all our residents. Unfortunatley, our NHS is in crisis. All too often a lack of care in the community means operations are cancelled and money wasted and we definitely need to bring social care and the NHS together.

At this General Election, we have a chance to change the direction of the country. A chance to make Britain more open, united and successful. Voting Liberal Democrat will make our town and our country an even better place.

That's why I'm standing as Liberal Democrat candidate for MP for Hartlepool.



Email: [email protected]

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