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Another huge Brexit bill

The costs of Brexit are mounting - fast. It's yet another sign that Theresa May's Conservatives are badly bungling Brexit.

By Edward Davey, Jan 18, 2018 5:01

If Brexit wasn’t happening, taxpayers wouldn’t be paying yet another huge bill. 

The French President is able to demand £45 million because he also has the option of withdrawing co-operation over the special border control in Calais, as the UK withdraws from the EU.
Parliament needs to be told when this money was budgeted for, and what guarantees the UK has secured in return, if any, for future co-operation on our border security.

But better yet, Theresa May's Conservatives should back our plan for a referendum on the deal - and give you the final say on Brexit, with a chance to remain if you don't like the deal you're offered.

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