Liberal Democrats

F31 Renewal of Recognition of SAOs

Submitted by Federal Board

Mover: Gordon Lishman | Summator: Toby Keynes

This motion applies to   

Conference notes that:

  1. Under Article 20.2 of the Federal Constitution, the Federal Board is required to periodically propose the renewal of the Annexe listing Specified Associated Organisations (SAOs), and that this must take the form of an amendable motion to Federal Conference.
  2. Under the same article, an organisation that (except in the case of youth and/or students) consists solely of members of the party, and satisfies the criteria set forth in Article 20.1, and the further criteria established under Article 6.6, may be recognised as an SAO following a proposal from the Federal Board and a two-thirds majority vote by Federal Conference.
  3. Under Article 20.3 of the Federal Constitution, the Federal Board shall from time to time review the operation of Associated Organisations (AOs) and SAOs in the light of the principles and practices established by and pursuant to the Constitution and shall report to the Federal Conference on such reviews.
  4. Under Articles 20.4 and 20.5 of the Federal Constitution, an AO or SAO that is in breach of the criteria set forth in articles 20.1 and 20.2, or those established under Article 6.6, may have its AO or SAO status suspended by the Federal Board; and that this shall be reported to the next meeting of the Federal Conference, which may revoke such suspension or, by a two-thirds majority, remove the organisation's AO or SAO status.

Conference resolves, in line with the Federal Board's proposal and recommendations, that:

    1. The following organisations shall have their status as SAOs renewed:
      1. Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC).
      2. Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers & Scientists (ALDES).
      3. Liberal Democrat Campaign for Racial Equality (LDCRE), previously known as Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats
      4. LGBT+ Liberal Democrats.
      5. The Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association, also known as Rights - Liberties - Justice (R-L-J).
      6. Liberal Democrat Women (LDW).
      7. Young Liberals (YL).
      8. Parliamentary Candidates Association (PCA).