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Basics of Volunteer Management in Connect

A new Volunteer Status Question has been implemented in Connect to help your campaign manage and track your volunteers.

Volunteers are our most valuable resource, and we need to ensure that everyone who wants to volunteer feels engaged and appreciated. This new question will help streamline volunteer recruitment and place all your volunteer data in one place. An automatic process will move new volunteers from canvassing, online signups, and other sources to the “My Campaign” side of Connect. New signups will be marked as “Offered to Volunteer”, and this is the starting point for your campaign to engage new volunteers. Here are what each of the Question responses means…


“Offered to Volunteer” - Has put up their hand in some way (at the doorstep, online, through email, etc.) and said they would volunteer. They have not yet been engaged or asked to take on a volunteer task.

“Committed to Help” - Has committed to help, but has not yet completed the task. An example of this is that the volunteer has committed to write some blue letters, but hasn’t yet written them.

“Is Volunteering” - Means the volunteer is actively engaged in the campaign, and is currently volunteering.

“Is Lead Volunteer” - Means the volunteer is managing or organizing other volunteers. An example of this is a Lead Volunteer who is managing a group of regular canvassers.

“No Never” - Never wants to volunteer and doesn’t want to be asked again.

“Ask again later” - Can’t volunteer right now, but open to being asked again later.

“Only at Election” - Only wants to help when an election has been called.


The Volunteer Status Question allows you to move people up (and down) the ladder of volunteer engagement as their level of engagement with the campaign may fluctuate over time.

When pulling any list that includes the Volunteer Status Question, you must check the “Include most recent response only” box in the questions tab. This will ensure you pull your list correctly and don’t pull anyone who has been upgraded on the volunteer engagement ladder from “Offered to Volunteer” to “Is Volunteering”. We don’t want to re-ask people already volunteering.


A strong Volunteer Management Programme is accomplished in three steps: Recruit, Schedule, Mobilise!

These three steps are accomplished by using Connect as your primary tool for contact, event coordination, and data management. Always follow these three easy steps to build and mobilise your team!

Phase 1: Recruit

Recruit your volunteers by speaking to the individuals that are already involved in some capacity with your constituency or have had a relationship with the constituency in the past.

Your next step will be to speak to these potential volunteers to encourage them to become part of the team. The best way to do that is through a phone call if you have a number for them or to go door to door in areas where you have previously been most active using the Volunteer Prospects target pool (more on that below).

This will allow you to identify who is interested in volunteering for your team. Anyone that does express interest in volunteering will be flagged as “Offered to Volunteer” using the Volunteer Status Question.

At the same time, you should also ask the volunteer what types of tasks they are willing to assist with. There are 3 questions you can use to record this information…


“Volunteer: Primary Activity” - Used to record their favoured task.

“Volunteer: Secondary Activity” - Used to record their second favourite task.

“Volunteer: Other Activity” - Used to record other activities they want to undertake.


It’s important to note that you can’t apply multiple question responses from the same question, to the same voter in a short period of time. As an example, if you are using the “Volunteer: Primary Activity” question and apply “Action Day”, you can’t apply “Phone Calls” for a few hours using that question. If you apply a second response too quickly, it will overwrite the first response. Thus you need to use one of the other Questions to apply additional data.


This data will now always be easily accessible in Connect for your campaign’s use. And you can use it for the next step: Schedule Volunteers!


Phase 2: Schedule

Go back to the individuals that indicated in the previous step that they were interested in volunteering, and ask them to come out to an event within the constituency. This is ideally done through a Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) in Connect.

This step is a specific ask of the volunteer, and should be related to the tasks they indicated they were willing to undertake. Some examples include to join an action day, to go canvassing, or deliver leaflets.

Once these individuals have completed their shift they need to be marked as “Is Volunteering”.


Phase 3: Mobilise

Continue engaging your dependable volunteers by inviting them to other volunteer events. You now have a list of individuals that are actively volunteering on your campaign, and have participated in a volunteer activity in the past. Continue this cycle of recruiting, welcoming, and scheduling, to build your team.

And don’t forget to THANK YOUR VOLUNTEERS!


What about my current Volunteer data?

Existing Volunteer questions will be streamlined and some will be archived. These will still be available for you to create lists with, but we encourage you to move to the new Questions moving forward.

Current volunteer data (entered in 2019) on national questions, has been moved to the new questions automatically for you. Data older than 2019 will remain accessible in their current questions. It is important to note that if you had any local volunteer questions, these have not been transferred automatically to the new questions.

All data from the volunteer module (on the My Campaign tab) has been moved to the new questions or the historical “2019 Volunteer: Old Vol Module &Tags” question.

Likewise, tag data has been moved to the historical “2019 Volunteer: Old Vol Module &Tags” question, or the new questions if the data is from 2019.

Targets for prospective volunteers

There is also the volunteers prospects target which you can use to try to recruit new volunteers. Start at Tier 1 and work your way down. It divides people up based on how recently and how often we have had contact with them and what they said when we did.  If you haven't done any canvassing recently, you might not have anyone in tier one, but don't worry, just keep ticking the boxes down the list until you have a manageable number of people to visit.


Master Volunteer Activity Question

A Master Volunteer Activities question has been added to Connect and is mapped to the three new Volunteer Activity Questions. This master question will enable you to pull everyone who is willing to participate in a particular activity easily across the three questions.
You’ll find it at the bottom of the Questions list as “Volunteer: Volunteer”


National Petition Signers

National petition signers are also available in Connect, and is updated as new people sign our major petitions (like the Brexit petition) on the party website.

Petition data is available to you at the constituency level and can be accessed through target pools in create a list.

You should consider contacting these individuals to get them involved in your campaign. In some places, as many as half of petition signers have been converted into volunteers.

Moving Volunteers to My Campaign

An automatic sync will eventually push new volunteers from the “My Voters” side to “My Campaign”, but for the time being you’ll need to do that yourself, so that you can organise all your members and volunteers in the same place (MyCampaign).

To copy them across, a local administrator (e.g. your Connect Manager or a Deputy) must first create a “New List” in MyVoters, select the “2020 Volunteer: Volunteer Status Question” and select “Offered to Volunteer”

In the same step, they select “No My Campaign Record”.

Run the search, and then select “Copy”

Follow the on screen prompts and switch over to the My Campaign side.

Ensure all fields are mapped properly and then hit finished.

The upload will take a minute or two, but once complete, your volunteers will have new profiles on your My Campaign tab. You can then make a list of all those who have volunteered but have not yet been given something to do and turn them into a phone bank for contact.

There is a script you can use for this purpose called 2022 Member / Supporter Activation.

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