Northern Ireland border plan has "more holes than a colander"

The Conservatives plans for the border with Northern Ireland post-Brexit don't even make sense. They've got more holes in them than a colander.

By Edward Davey, Aug 16, 2017 2:08

Outline of Northern Ireland on a map.

The government's plan for the Northern Ireland border after Brexit has more holes in it than a colander.

It comes after the government admitted EU nationals will still be able to enter the UK from Ireland after Brexit under its plans.

The government's position paper on Ireland and Northern Ireland states that "it is important to note that immigration controls are not, and never have been, solely about the ability to prevent and control entry at the UK’s physical border."

This plan has more holes in it than a colander.

The Brexiteers claimed it was worth damaging the UK economy to reclaim control of our borders, now we're told even this isn't going to happen.

The Conservatives are finally admitting that there are ways to control free movement by making reforms to our labour market and social security.

That raises the question, why are they still planning to damage jobs and living standards by leaving the Single Market?

Instead of this half-way house that will satisfy no-one, the Conservatives should protect the economy by keeping Britain in the Single Market and Customs Union.

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