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Europeans' #RightToStay

On 24th June, 3 million EU citizens in the UK and 1.3 million British citizens in the EU woke up to an uncertain future.

Despite not being able to vote in the referendum they now find themselves without the protection of their EU citizenship rights in the UK.

Quite simply they have had the rug pulled out from under their feet.

That is why on Tuesday I introduced a Bill in the House of Commons to secure their right to stay. If the Government fail to act decisively then we must.

Theresa May as Home Secretary and during her leadership bid gave no reassurances to the millions who have made Britain their home – working in our communities, raising families and contributing to our economy.

We are clear that EU citizens who have put their roots down here should continue to feel welcome and safe.

We have seen the worrying spike in racist abuse and xenophobic attacks following on from the result but this is not the Britain I know.

The Britain I know is open, generous and welcoming and we must work hard to ensure our reputation is not tarnished by the few.

The Government must not drag its feet any longer.

Please join me in calling on Theresa May to act swiftly to restore stability and security to the millions of families who have been hit by Brexit by signing our petition today:

Sign the petition today:

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