Brexit bill attempts to take away people's rights through back door

According to reports in the Times, the Repeal Bill threatens to remove people's rights - and that's just not acceptable.

By Tom Brake, Aug 11, 2017 10:08

Scales of Justice in a courtroom.

This morning, the Times newspaper alleges that the Government is drawing up plans to scrap people's right to sue the government for breaking the law.

Currently, under EU law citizens have the right to sue member states for damages if their rights were infringed by the failure of a country to implement EU law.

These powers cover a range of issues - from the environment to workers’ rights and business regulation. will no longer be subject to financial redress through the courts.

If this clause is passed in the Repeal Bill, British Citizens will no longer enjoy that right - which could have serious ramifications, including invalidating claims against the government for failing to enforce EU pollution laws.

This is a shameless attempt to take away people's rights through the backdoor.

Citizens must be able to hold the government to account when it breaks the rules.

The Liberal Democrats will fight, every step of the way in Parliament to stop Brexit from being used to water down individual rights.

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