Nick Clegg's Brexit Challenge


Due to the failure of the Leave campaign and the Conservative government to articulate a vision for Britain's future relationship with the EU, no-one knows what comes next.

Will we stay in the Single Market, or become like Norway, Switzerland, or Canada? Will British companies still be able to operate freely across European borders? Will we continue to work with the EU to counter the big challenges of the 21st century, from terrorism to climate change?

Nick Clegg speaks for the Liberal Democrats on Europe. He has a unique perspective on the challenges now facing the country, having worked in the European Commission and the European Parliament, before becoming and MP and serving as Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government.

Through Brexit Challenge, he will unpack the issues and pose the big questions that the government now needs to answer.

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Free trade deal with the EU isn’t possible in two years

Membership of the EU determines our trading relationship not just with Europe but the rest of the world. Some have claimed that we will be able to strike multiple new trade deals within a matter of months. This paper explains why that view is wrong, and why a transitional agreement is essential to avoid serious damage to the UK economy.

PAPER: Access to the Single Market

Read Nick Clegg's first paper in his Brexit Challenge, covering the issues around access to the single market.

No easy options on Single Market access

As a member of the world’s largest single borderless market, UK businesses can operate seamlessly across 28 countries. What would it mean for us to be on the outside? And could we really have ‘access’ to the Single Market without abiding by its rules?

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