Government must get real on Brexit negotiations instead of producing fantasy wishlists.

Big Ben may have fallen silent but the clock on the Brexit talks is still ticking - it’s time for the government to get real instead of producing fantasy wishlists.

By Tom Brake, Aug 21, 2017 2:08

Bookshelf in a bookshop.

David Davis is sowing the seeds of more chaos with these short-sighted and short-termist plans.

British businesses are being hung out to dry, with no long-term certainty they’ll be able to carry on selling goods freely to the EU. Meanwhile the trade in services that provides the bedrock of the UK economy is being overlooked.

The UK has a surplus of £24 billion on trade in services with the EU.

The Government's position paper says goods placed on the Single Market before exit should continue to circulate freely in the UK and the EU, and that services linked to goods should also be able to circulate freely.

However it does not include any detailed plans on how to achieve free trade in goods and services after Brexit.

Nothing would provide businesses and consumers with more certainty than staying in the Single Market and Customs Union. That is the option this government should be pursuing if it was serious about protecting jobs and free trade.

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