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Britain and Europe Working Group

Find out more about our work towards building a new approach to Europe 🇪🇺

By Joseph Wright, Oct 13, 2021 11:10

The flags of EU countries flying.

This working group is producing motions and papers on a rolling basis for future conferences.

The group is tasked with carrying out a programme of work, including consulting widely within the party, to determine the best possible future framework for the UK-EU relationship across all policy areas, with the aims of:

  1. Demonstrating the benefits to UK citizens and businesses of a much closer relationship compared to the government's inadequate measures;
  2. Recommending roadmaps for the UK to rejoin the Customs Union, Single Market and other EU agencies and programmes as appropriate; and
  3. Maximising public support for eventual UK membership of the EU.

You can read the consultation paper here:

Britain's Relationship with Europe

Chair: Duncan Brack

Duncan Brack is a member of the Federal Policy Committee, and a former chair of the Federal Conference Committee. In 2010-12 he was a special adviser to Chris Huhne at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Professionally he is an independent researcher on international environmental policy.

Members of the Group:

Duncan Brack (chair)

Ed Davey MP

Layla Moran MP

Sarah Olney MP

Baroness Ludford

Lord Newby

Baroness Smith

Phil Bennion

David Chalmers 

Jeremy Hargreaves 

Rob Harrison

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