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By Henry McMorrow, Jun 24, 2021 1:06

A pile of Liberal Democrat posters. Window posters mind. Not the really good ones.

Right now, with the party riding high and the summer months ahead, is the perfect time to be recruiting new members to help build your teams ahead of the next elections. 


The LDHQ Campaigns & Elections Team have looked at options to make this as easy and cheap as possible for you and have come up with two options based on whether you want to hand-deliver or pay for direct postage.

Why opt in to the bulk-buy deal?

  • It’s a process that you’re hand-held throughout
  • It can work out cheaper for printing as we’re ordering in bulk
  • It allows you to opt into postage or to hand deliver.

This month's bulk-buy deal is on a recruitment mailing, including A4 single-sided letter and A4 double-sided insert which you can localise. See artwork here. 

Hand Delivery Option

For this option we've sought out a deal with one of our trusted printers which includes print and production, envelope stuffing and mailing back to you for hand delivery.

All you need to do is fill out this form and submit your artwork as a WeTransfer file to [email protected], along with your data as a password-protected CSV file.

Prices (inc VAT):

100 A4 single-sided letters and double-sided inserts with C5 envelopes is £62, for each additional 100 it would be an extra £36. Prices per 100 decrease substantially once your order exceeds 1000 and will depend on the final size of your order. 

Couriering is £7 for the first 100 and £2 for every successive 100.

If you would like to take advantage of this phase of the bulk buy deal, you need to complete Hand Delivery Recruitment Mailing Order Form. and submit your artwork and data as per the instructions above by 5pm Friday 9th July.

Posted Option - take advantage of our discount & bespoke service with Stannp

If you decide you want to go down the posted route we've sought out a deal with the printing and mailing house, Stannp.

We have a 3p per item discount with Stannp and a dedicated advisor on hand to help with the process.

To make use of this deal please call Stannp on 01271 344 507 and ask to speak to Lorien Hamilton or one of his team. Make it clear you are a Liberal Democrat member to take advantage of the discount.

As each order is bespoke and will depend on a number of factors, a quote will be provided based on your requirements. 

Please note, there is the possibility to decrease prices based on the size of your order.

If you have any questions before enquiring directly with Stannp please email [email protected]


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