By-elections - another great week as eyes turn to Witney

By Shaun Roberts, Director of Campaigns, 17/10/2016

The Lib Dem by-election bandwagon is rolling. Last week's results were some of the best of the year. With nine seats being contested, the final tally was:

  • Three gains from Labour (Two in Tupton, one in Knowsley)
  • One gain from the Tories (Poole)
  • One Lib Dem hold (South Lakeland) and no losses

The Lib Dem vote went up in every seat including those that we didn't win. The 20% vote increase in Sevenoaks and the 10% vote increase in Lewisham were really impressive.

We would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved.

This week most eyes will turn to the Witney parliamentary by-election in Oxfordshire.

The latest news from Witney is that the Tories are getting seriously rattled. Theresa May made a last minute visit to back their flagging campaign at the weekend.

You can see the latest news reports on the campaign here.

Lib Dem candidate Liz Leffman has shown herself to be the best candidate with a string of impressive performances at the hustings. Our messages on Brexit and the NHS are having a real impact.

There's no doubt that we're heading for a head-turning result on Thursday. How good that result is depends on you!
We need every last bit of help you can give in these last few days to take the fight to the Tories.

Please either volunteer your help or make a donation to the Witney campaign. Thanks in advance for your help.

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