Calum Shepherd

Glasgow North

Calum is a University of Glasgow graduate who is finishing a Master’s degree with University of Liverpool. Calum joined the Liberal Democrats after the 2015 general election because he was worried that the liberal ideals he wanted to see in Britain could be lost.

Calum’s work as a consultant with his own company has made him aware of issues in a number of public services and organisations as well as the changes that have impacted small businesses. Calum believes that only the Liberal Democrats are supporting the small to medium enterprises that will grow the economy and build a more prosperous future in Britain.

A keen European Calum believes strongly that the future of Scotland and the whole UK are best served by close ties to our nearest neighbours. Calum’s experience in education and the workplace is that free movement of people across Europe has enriched our society, while providing skills and opportunities to many from Scotland and Europe.

A strong believer in equality Calum works and campaigns regularly to address some of the inequalities faced by many of the people of Glasgow and Scotland. In particular Calum would like to see equal representation of women, BME and disabled people at all levels of government. Calum has spoken out against the rape clause, and sees such attacks on survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as counter to the Britain he wants to see. Calum wants to strengthen the rights of LGBT+ people and break down the inequalities that are faced by so many members of that community in schools, healthcare and employment. Scotland has led the way previously on LGBT+ rights and Calum believes it can continue to set an example for acceptance and inclusion of people both in Britain and abroad.


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