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Apply now for the 2022 Campaign Innovation Fund

Applications to the Campaign Innovation Fund close at 5pm on the 31st December 2021

By Kath Pinnock, Nov 28, 2021 9:11

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After a successful first year, where we donated £4000 to campaigners across the country, applications for the 2022 elections Campaign Innovation Fund are now open.

This year, we are focusing on digital campaigning, to find out the best way to campaign online.

I've been an active campaigner in the Party for nearly 40 years. I was first elected to Kirklees Council in 1987 winning a "black hole" ward from Labour. I became its first Lib Dem council leader in 2000 for 6 years.

I have been actively involved in ALDC both as its Chair and then President. In 2014 I was given the opportunity of being in the House of Lords where I continue to campaign.

This party has a proud history of grassroots campaigners coming up with new and innovative campaigning methods. By our nature, Liberal Democrats like to look forward, test new ideas, compile evidence and then share with others.

We were the first party to have a computer system for voters, Connect is the most advanced elections software in the world - but we can and should always do better. 

What is the Campaign Innovation Fund?

I am thrilled to have been asked to return as Chair of the 2022 Campaign Innovation Fund, which has been kindly half-funded by ALDC. I will be working alongside colleagues from the voluntary party, the Campaign and Elections Department and the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners. 

Please only apply by following the link at the end of this article only after you have read the information below.

Along with myself, the panel includes:

  • Cllr Lisa Smart, Chair of the Federal Elections and Communications Committee
  • Dr Chris Butler, former London Campaigns Officer and now an political academic at the University of Manchester
  • Steve Jolly, former Head of National Campaigns
  • Henry McMorrow, Interim Head of National Campaigns
  • James Baker, ALDC Development Officer

We have a fund of £4,000 available to fund local digital campaigns in the run up to the May 2022 elections.

We are inviting you to bid for grants of up to £900 to run projects designed to help win elections and help the whole party learn how to campaign more effectively.

This year the Campaign Innovation Fund project team has worked with the party’s digital team to pre-design four projects for you to apply to run. Two campaign teams will be chosen to run each project. The projects are listed immediately below and then in greater detail at the bottom of this page with links to further documents which provide in-depth information.

The project titles:

  • Project 1 How effective are Facebook adverts?
  • Project 2 How best to increase sign ups to e-newsletters
  • Project 3 Does asking for phone numbers reduce online petition signatories
  • Project 4 How best to identify anti-nationalist voters

The panel will be looking for evidence of buy-in from the relevant Local Party Treasurer and candidate.

Please note, successful applicants will be expected to compile and provide comprehensive reports of their findings by a set deadline. Some initial information is available about reporting back on each project document but more comprehensive information will be made available once the application process has closed.

The deadline for applications is 31st December 2021.

The projects in more detail

Project 1 How effective are Facebook adverts?


We are keen to isolate the effects of running a digital campaign from the effects of a more traditional paper-based campaign.

Who can apply?

The following project is only available to campaign teams with large enough wards where it is possible to run geographically-targeted Facebook adverts that will most likely only be seen in specific polling districts. If you have such a ward and have historic box count data for that ward, this would be ideal!

This project is not suitable for a target ward. It involves running no campaign in at least one polling district. It will hopefully be suitable for a development ward, particularly a ward which has previously seen low or no levels of campaigning but which you want to start working in.

The generous financial contribution for this project reflects this.

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Project 2 How best to increase sign ups to e-newsletters


Email newsletters are one of the most effective campaigning techniques, allowing us to send messages to residents in a timely and inexpensive manner. This project seeks to test the relative effectiveness of different methods of increasing sign-ups to e-newsletters.

Who can apply?

You could be a ward-wide or constituency-wide campaigner, and a new or established candidate or elected official.

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Project 3 Does asking for phone numbers reduce online petition signatories?


Phone canvassing is a highly effective part of the campaigning technique. However, it has become increasingly difficult to source residents’ phone numbers. Asking for phone numbers on online petitions may increase the number of numbers available for calling but may also put people off from signing petitions.

Who can apply?

This call is open to Lib Dem campaigners with an email list including at least 500 residents.  

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Project 4 How best to identify anti-nationalist voters


Identifying anti-nationalist voters is key to our success in Scotland. This project seeks to test the effectiveness of using different target criteria with online advertisements in order to maximise survey returns.

Who can apply?

This project is only open to campaign teams in Scotland. Ideally the teams involved would be promoting established campaigners.

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If you want to contact someone about your proposal, then please email [email protected]



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