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Carlton West

Washington and Sunderland West

As PPC for Sunderland and Washington West I feel proud representing the people of the area and giving them a voice. I very much believe we should remain in the EU particularly in light of the areas reliance on frictionless trade for Nissan and the North East being a hot bed of businesses that export into the EU and across the world. We also know the North East and particularly Sunderland will be adversely impacted by Brexit which is why I will campaign strongly to remain in the EU.

Being a member of Sunderland’s BAME community I feel particularly proud of giving a voice to ethnic minorities in an area with very little ethnic diversity. In a time when the right is rising, and hate is growing, representing Liberal Values and centre left policies has never been more important.

Join me in supporting your community in these difficult times by voting Liberal Democrat.

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Twitter: @Fitfrom40

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