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Chloe-Jane Ross


Chloe-Jane got involved in politics in 2016 after the EU referendum because shepassionately believes that we are better off in Europe and also because she knew there was no way the government could deliver a Brexit that was good for this country. Chloe-Jane didn't plan to be an active member, but that changed as our political culture became ever more divisive. Important matters like education, health, climate change and crime are being squeezed out in the pursuit of Brexit. She is worried about the future our children will inherit - so she has decived to put herself forward to do something about it.

Chloe-Jane thinks that we need a new breed of MP in Westminster that believe in championing communities and listening to local people, businesses and services. She believes in looking for pragmatic, effective solutions, therefore could achieve more for our community and our country because she is not ideologically driven to the right or the left.

It's time to stop Brexit and start building a brighter future. We need deliverable evidenced-based policies to fund our NHS, fight the climate emergency, invest in education & youth services, and create a fairer economy.

As your MP Chloe-Jane will be available and approachable,  active in our community. She will work hard to ensure that local people get high-quality public services and the right support when they need it. Chloe-Jane's vision for the MP's constituency office is one with a shop front that is open and accessible, is staffed with people that can help and where you will regularly find your MP.


Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @chloejaneross.libdem
Instagram: @chloejane_libdem
Twitter: @ChloeJane_Ross
Website: bromleylibdems.org.uk

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