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Time is ticking for a united approach to keeping families safe at Christmas

Ministers need to move quickly to deliver united, clear guidance for the whole of the UK.

By , Nov 13, 2020 12:11

With people across the United Kingdom desperate to be home safely with their families this festive season, I was glad to hear that all four governments have listened to Liberal Democrat calls to work together on how this can happen. 

With many families split across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland we need clarity this Christmas: conflicting measures introduced by the respective governments of the UK nations will simply cause further confusion and complications.

People across the UK are desperate to be home safely with their families this festive season.

However, with time ticking away, we need Ministers to move swiftly. 

This year has already seen Muslim communities across the country miss out on reuniting families for Eid al-Adha, with some communities impacted because of last-minute lockdown rules. We must learn from this.

That means an agreement on comprehensive, unified guidance across all four nations on:

  • Getting students home safely from university, and then getting them back
  • The number of people allowed to gather together
  • The best way to expand travel options to allow social distancing

United guidance will help families plan for some Christmas cheer.

It’s also key that Ministers across these nations get a grip on the failing test, trace and isolate system, with a focus on mass testing. 

This is the only way to both keep people safe and ensure families have any chance of spending holidays such as Hanukkah and Christmas together in a way that is as normal as possible.

Liberal Democrats are ready to play our part to help those talks progress quickly. A clear indication of when measures are expected to be announced will help families plan for some Christmas cheer.

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