Liberal Democrats

Comparing My Voters and My Campaign

After logging in, you will find yourself on the Main Menu of your database. Here you will be able to navigate the many features and tools available within your database.

Connect is divided into two databases: My Voters and My Campaign. You may have access to one or both sides of the database.

Although they look similar, there are very important distinctions:

My Voters, also called the voter file, contains the complete list of all registered electors in your constituency. We use My Voters to coordinate our canvass efforts (door-to-door and phone calling) and Get Out the Vote!

My Campaign contains those who have helped your campaign in some way.  Members and registered supporters are loaded in automatically every night, but you or your team can also add people. Individuals do not have to be a registered voter or a resident of your constituency to be added. My Campaign helps you with volunteer management and fundraising.

To add a person to My Campaign if they are not there, search using quick lookup first in case they already have a record from a different part of the country. If they are not in the national My campaign database, click “search my voters” on the bottom left and then select “copy” from the correct person in the list below. If they are not on the electoral roll, then the system will at this point give you the option to create a record from scratch.

Choosing the appropriate database

Most of the tools can be found on both sides of the database, however, the two are completely separate (although some question responses copy across from one to the other if records are linked) and therefore you must choose which database you want to use to find the right Virtual Phone Bank, or when selecting a canvass list from MiniVAN.

The work done on either side of the database will differ quite greatly - but remember, when talking to voters, you use the My Voters database, and when talking to helpers and supporters that have a relationship with your local party, you will use My Campaign.