Liberal Democrats

Party Employee

The Liberal Democrats employ a large number of people across the whole country.

You are likely to be an employee of the Liberal Democrats if you work for:

  • the Federal Party
  • a State Party (Scottish or Welsh Liberal Democrats)
  • a Regional Party (in England)
  • a Local Party (eg as an Organiser or Administrator).

If you work primarily in an MP/MEP/MSP/AMs Office, or as a Political Assistant to a Council Group it is likely that you are not directly employed by the Liberal Democrats.

Regardless of who you work for, if you have concerns about any Liberal Democrats that you come into contact with in the course of your work, we will endeavour to help.

If you are unsure who your employer is, you can find this information in your contract - usually in addition to information about to whom you should complain if you encounter any difficulties in the workplace. If you are unsure about where to find this information, you should speak with your line manager. If this does not provide you with the answer you need, you should contact Natalia Villazan, Head of Compliance and HR.

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