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Lib Dem Conference celebrates the NHS at 70

In a motion passed by our conference today, we've celebrated the fantastic work done by our NHS staff over 70 years - and looks forward to the next 70.

By Daisy Cooper, Mar 11, 2018 1:03

Surgeons operating in theatre.

The Liberal Democrats have passed a motion celebrating 70 years of the NHS and the vital work of NHS staff. 
Looking ahead to the challenges it will face in the future, we have also passed several new initiatives to tackle the challenges facing the NHS and social care and ensure they can continue delivering vital treatment and care for generations to come. 

At Spring Conference in Southport, it was overwhelmingly agreed that the party would hold a review of the current capture, use and ownership of health data, with a view to making recommendations that balance the principles of assisting medical research, protecting the privacy of patients, and guarding against any unjustified concentration of data ownership.
A commitment to introducing additional resources to allow Mental Health Support Teams to be made available in all schools by 2019 was also passed.
Thirdly, to introduce a national scheme of preventative blood pressure monitoring run by community pharmacies.

Liberal Democrats have a plan to tackle the three big challenges facing the NHS at 70: we'll tackle funding with a ring-fenced 1p NHS and social care tax, we'll address the staffing crisis with an "NHS passport" to guarantee the rights of 59,000 EU health workers and the re-establishment of student nurse bursaries, and we'll empower individuals by tackling health inequalities at a community level.
Public support for the NHS and its founding principles are as strong as ever and as we approach the NHS's 70th anniversary, I'm delighted that the Liberal Democrats have a plan to protect our NHS for future generations.

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