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F17: Associate Citizenship of the European Union

Young Liberals, Beaconsfield, Derby and Wycombe

Mover: Henry Jones
Summation: Thomas Bull

Conference notes that:

  1. The motion Britain in the European Union, passed at the Liberal Democrats’ Autumn 2016 conference, called for protecting freedom of movement, so that British citizens retain the right to live and work throughout the EU to be a priority in any negotiations about Britain leaving the EU.
  2. In November 2016, Charles Goerens, an MEP in the ALDE parliamentary group, proposed to create EU associate citizenship, and to allow British citizens to apply for it, which could allow them to work and travel freely in the EU, to vote in European Parliament elections, and to retain other rights that they would otherwise lose due to Brexit.
  3. In December 2016, Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of ALDE and the lead Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, announced that the ability to keep European citizenship for those who risk losing it will be on the table of the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

Conference believes that:

  1. Despite the result of the 2016 referendum, there are millions of people across the UK who value their EU citizenship, and don’t want to have it taken away from them; they should be allowed to express their individual choices.
  2. Anyone, however they voted, should be able to access associate EU citizenship if they wish to do so.

Conference reaffirms its call for Britain to remain a member of the European Single Market.

In addition, Conference calls on the Government, as a priority in any negotiations about Britain leaving the EU, to ensure that:

  1. British citizens can apply for associate EU citizenship.
  2. This associate EU citizenship provides as many of the rights of full EU citizenship as possible.
  3. If a fee is charged for associate EU citizenship, this fee is as low as possible.

Applicability: Federal.

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