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Exit from Brexit

We've just passed a motion reaffirming our commitment to an Exit from Brexit. Read more here.

By Liberal Democrats, Mar 10, 2018 11:03

The union flag flying next to the EU flag.

We've voted overwhelmingly in favour of a policy offering the people of Britain an exit from Brexit.
Voting at our Spring Conference in Southport, we agreed to a motion that calls for a vote on the final deal to be put to the people, and commits the party to keep fighting to stop the disastrous hard Brexit being forced through by this government. Britain deserves better, and we believe that our future is brighter in the EU.

Britain’s future is too important to be left to the Conservatives. We want to give you control over what happens. You should have your say on if the deal is good enough, and if it is not up to scratch the public should be allowed to Exit from Brexit.

We've got more members than ever and a huge support base to stop the Tory Brexit being forced through by this government. Up and down the country, we are fighting for the future of our country.
Only the Liberal Democrats will give the people of Britain a say on the final deal and a chance to exit from Brexit.

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