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Connect is a campaigning database that provides local campaign teams with the tools they need to get in touch with voters and build their supporter base. Connect contains all the best campaigning tools needed to manage sophisticated data-centred campaigns in the 21st Century. With Connect, local teams can easily engage volunteers, manage canvassing activities, and report on their progress.

Dates of when we received the last register update from each Local Authority 

If you update Connect on a regular basis for your local party and need to know the last time HQ updated Connect with new voter data, here is the list of Local Authorities and the date of the next electoral register update that we are due to receive from them. A date in the future indicates that they are up to date in Connect. A date in the past indicates that we are still awaiting the update published on that date:

Click here to see when the electoral register for your local authority was last updated


This guide has been set up to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do any local campaign task that you may need to do as a campaign organiser or local volunteer.

We have divided the guide into 4 sections. For information about data protection and security, please visit our dedicated page at www.libdems.org.uk/gdpr